Build your strength!

Well, BODYPUMP can definitely help you achieve this goal!

BODYPUMP is a full-body barbell workout that helps you build strong, lean muscles, tone your entire body, and increase your bone strength. 
Your instructor will guide you through scientifically proven moves that enable you to burn around 540 calories, shape your body and strengthen your core, simply pumping out the best in you to help you achieve your goals. 
The secret to the quick transformation lies in the Rep Effect resistance training that exhausts muscles using light weights while performing high repetitions. This can help you achieve sculpted shoulders, defined biceps and triceps, tight core, lean legs and firm glutes. That is not all! Through the choreographed moves, you will be able to burn fat and not only calories. As such, the stronger you grow down the road, the more fat you’ll burn. 
In a nutshell, BODYPUMP will help you build the strength that you need without getting you bulked, so what are you waiting for to get the body you want?
To master BODYPUMP techniques, check out these videos.