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GRIT is an extreme high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that branches into three main categories:
GRIT Strength 
GRIT Cardio
GRIT Strength helps you improve your strength and build lean muscle. The workout requires the use of barbells, weight plates in addition to body weight exercise to activate all major muscle groups. This workout can explode your metabolism and gets you to burn calories for hours after the workout. 
GRIT Plyo is a polymetric-based workout designed to make you perform like an athlete. The workout requires the use of benches and integrates explosive jumping exercises with agility training to help you build a lean and athletic body. It can also put your metabolism into an over-drive and get you to burn calories for hours after the workout.  
GRIT Cardio helps you improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase your speed, and maximize your calorie burn. The workout requires the usage of body weight challenging your intensity to help you get fast results.
To get you to work harder and faster, our inspirational coaches will join you on the floor and push you closer to your goals.
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